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I am Miss Tyson, and I am new to year 2 having just graduated. I really enjoy teaching science and I am very excited to have my class at Billinghay!


In Toucans we are lucky enough to work with Mrs Agnew and Miss Barber who can give us lots of help with our learning.


This autumn we are looking at jungles and rainforests especially in science and geography. Our book focus is ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ in Literacy which will help us with our persuasive writing. This term we are also going to be learning about the Great Fire of London and doing lots of exciting work around this topic.


In the spring term we will be exploring the questions; “How can we become more powerful?” and “Can we find the Iron Man?” We will be using all the features we have learnt about maps to help us and maybe create our own! We will also be keeping an eye on Barney the Bear and see where he is off to on his travels. This will help with our knowledge about the world and atlas work. We will be taking part in STEM week looking at different science experiments that relate to materials. Leading into Easter and Summer 1 we will be looking at stories by the same authors (Julia Donaldson) and we will be writing our own character descriptions and adventure stories!


Finally in the summer term our work will link to the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers with the question “How did that Penguin get here?” To explore this we will be learning about living things and what sort of things they need to survive. This will link to us becoming weather experts as we investigate, measure and predict the weather. We may even get to visit Skegness’ ‘Nature Land!’ Our final topic for the year will be Ready Steady Grow. This will involve us looking/investigating how living things change!