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General Admissions Information

Admissions Information for Billinghay Church of England Primary School

The school has a planned admission limit of 25 – set by Lincolnshire County Council. Children will be admitted to classes at all times, subject to the planned admission limit not being exceeded: 25 in all years.


From September 2010 all mid year admissions are co-ordinated by the Schools Admissions Team at Lincolnshire County Council. Please speak to a member of our Admin staff or alternatively phone School Admissions on 01522 782030 for guidance. Information on the Mid Year Admissions process can be found under the Admissions section of our website. If you wish to change your child’s school for other reasons outside of normal admissions rounds, such as moving house, we call this a mid year admission.


Normal Admission Rounds are:

  • Moving from Nursery to starting school in Reception.
  • Moving from Primary to Secondary school.
  • Moving from Infant to Junior school.


Where parents are refused admission because a year group is full, they have the right to appeal to Lincolnshire County Council in all year groups.


A copy of our Admissions Policy can be found under the Admissions section of our website.


For further information on School Admissions and Appeals please use the link below to Lincolnshire County Council’s website:


If you are applying for a place in Reception for September 2017 then the following information applies:

If your child was born between 01/09/12 and 31/08/13 then he/she is eligible to start school in September 2017. The admissions scheme is co-ordinated by the Local Authority (LA) Schools Admission Team and not the school. Applications online can be made at or over the phone by telephoning the Schools Admission Team on 01522 782030. Applications cannot be made until the 14h November 2016. Applications must be received by the School Admissions Team by noon on the 15th January 2017. The Schools Admission Team will communicate to parents with the offer of a school place on 18th April 2017. If you applied online you can view your offer from this date at