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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

School Council 2016-17, so who are we?


My name is Lia and I’m delighted to be voted in again to be a School Councillor! I love loud music and writing stories. I like to listen and take on the ideas of others which stands me in good stead to be a successful councillor.


I’m Josh and I like drawing and music. I’m looking forward to taking on the role of a councillor and bringing lots of ideas to the meetings.


My name is Jessie and I really enjoy maths. I’m also an animal lover. I like to listen and take on ideas so I should make a good councillor.


My name is Oliver and I’m mad about Eddie Stobart trucks! I also love writing. I will bring lots of good ideas to our school council meetings.


My name is Harvey and I’m in the Swans. I absolutely love ‘banger-racing!’ I love reading and I’m really excited about becoming a school council member.


I’m Stacey and I’m a bit of a taekwondo expert! At school I think I’m good at drawing and cursive writing. I’m really pleased to be a part of the school council and make changes happen.


My name is Harvey and I’m in the Wagtail class. I’m good at phonics and I enjoy my phonics sessions. I will bring my good listening skills to our school council.


I’m Lucy and I’m good at running. I love ‘Frozen’ and I can’t wait to be part of our school council.


What do we like about our school?

Oliver – All the teachers at our school are really helpful and friendly and our work is fun. I really like Literacy work and our Roman topic is so exciting. There are so many things on offer at our school, like Breakfast Club and After School Club, I’ve enjoyed both. There are many other clubs on offer too like Football Club and Archery.


Harvey – Our school is great because you get to go on lots of educational school trips and we are lucky enough to have our own swimming pool! All the children in school have swimming lessons in the summer term. Lots of other sporty activities are on offer too, I’m really enjoying gymnastics at the moment. I love Literacy too, especially ‘The Iron Giant’ topic.


Jessie – What’s good about our school is that if you’re not sure about something, teachers and adults in school are always on hand to help. I really love the maths work we do, like addition, subtraction and problem-solving. There are so many extra fun things on offer. I really enjoyed doing Gymnastics Club and I’ve recently started Drama Club.


So, what have we done in School?

School Council 2016-17, the story so far…


September meetings- Election of council, meet and greet sessions, discussions regarding purpose, role and responsibility of an active school council.


October meetings- Agreed on a School Council Contract and signed this. Discussed and identified the essential qualities of a councillor and the desirable ones. Council reviewed current systems and motivational rewards to celebrate good attendance. Considered the suggestion that individuals should be rewarded, as opposed to the winning class as a whole. This was discussed, agreed and actioned. Those individuals who achieved 100% attendance over a half term are now invited to come in non-uniform for a day during the last week of term.


November meetings- Council members researched this year’s Children in Need theme and consulted classes on ideas of what we could do to raise money for this cause. Council decided that wearing bright and /or spotty clothes for the day seemed to be a real hit with the majority of pupils so this was agreed upon.

Anti-bullying week – Council worked collaboratively to create a PowerPoint presentation to deliver to the whole school during the week. The presentation raised awareness of these themes and acted as a starting point from which classes and groups could base their work and discussions on.


December meetings- Council reviewed pupil questionnaires and then consulted classes to check their understanding of the questions. Questionnaires were then distributed to classes by councillors.


January meetings- Our next step is to focus on pupil questionnaires and outcomes , taking pupil voice forward.