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Welcome to Penguins!



Mrs Pool (Miss Manders got married in the summer holidays with her married name being Mrs Pool. Mallards are now called Penguins) 


Penguins Class

Welcome to the Penguins class. We are a class of year 5 and 6 children. Mrs Pool is the class teacher in Penguins. Mrs R Atkinson teaches the year 5 children for literacy and numeracy and works in class with us for some other subjects too. Mrs Beck, Mrs Simpson, Mrs H Atkinson and Mrs Smith all work to assist in our classroom in a variety of subjects.


Mrs Pool

I am in my seventh year of teaching and this is my sixth year at Billinghay Primary school but my first year as Penguins class in school. I enjoy teaching literacy in particular and have lots of fun using films and books to inspire learning in the classroom. I am ICT coordinator/E-safety leader in school and enjoy using IPads and computers to assist learning in fun and interesting ways.


The curriculum

During the Autumn term, we are studying Volcanoes. We are going to be looking at what happens when volcanoes erupt, how they erupt and significant events that link to volcanoes such as the eruption in Pompeii. During the term we are having a trip to study volcanoes and the geography and science behind them in more depth. We will be designing our own volcanoes and safe houses and using film to see the effects of volcanoes. This is an interesting and exciting topic for us which I’m sure we’ll all enjoy learning about.


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