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Collective Worship Council

Collective Worship Council 2018-19


Hi. My name is Jaynie. I like playing with Lego and making new things with it. I love to read and my favourite author is David Walliams. I am hoping to share my good ideas about Collective Worship with the whole school.


My name is David. I like all sports events like running and athletics. I enjoy reading but I wish had more time to read more. I enjoy Lucy Daniel’s books. I am looking forward to performing more drama activities during Collective Worship times.


Hello. My name is Jess. I like football and reading and my favourite author is J.K Rowling. I am pleased to be a Collective Worship Councillor this year as I like to create Collective Worship assemblies.


Hello, my name is Oliver. I like playing with my friends, reading and working hard. I am looking forward to talking about Collective Worship with my class.


My name is Saffron. I like playing with my friends especially Olivia, Lucy and Megan. I like to read and I like to play Obb and Bob in phonics. I like being a Collective Worship Councillor.


My name is Abigail. I like colouring, cooking, making things and reading. My favourite book is Beauty and the Beast.

I like being a Collective Worship Councillor and feeling important.


My name is Freddy. I like all the teachers and I like Collective Worship. I love maths work.




We have discussed improvements to our Quiet Area and have decided who is going to be responsible for filling the bird feeders. We looked at the rules for using the Quiet Area at break times. We were all given jobs to do such as making sure the Reflection Areas and Worship Table are kept tidy. We are all very enthusiastic and are looking forward to a great year!

We held a book sale and we raised £10. We sold the books so that we could get new things for our Quiet Area. We would like to thank everyone who donated books or bought books on the day.