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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.




Mr Richard Allen


Assessment, Curriculum Manager, Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Mrs Lynne Rowitt



Mrs Jo-Ann Clegg

Admin Assistant


Miss Alicia Revell Apprentice Administrator  

When you ring to enquire about the school, or visit the school by coming to the office area, it is likely that you will be greeted by one of the four people above.

Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Mrs Danielle Clarke

Teacher Job Share Reception (Kingfishers) Foundation Stage Coordinator

PSHE Subject Leader

Mrs Natalie Parsons



Teacher Job Share Reception (Kingfishers)

RE/Collective Worship and Music Subject Leader

Mrs Callan Willett

Teacher (Job Share) Y1 (Wagtails)

PE Subject Leader

Mrs Rebecca Atkinson Teacher (Job Share) Y1 (Wagtails)  

Miss Sophie Tyson

Teacher Y2 (Toucans)


Mrs Janet Smithson

Assistant Headteacher Teacher Y3/4 (Swans)

Literacy, Art and MFL Subject Leader

Mrs Claire Pool

Teacher Year 4/5 (Penguins)

IT/e Safety Subject Leader

Miss Amanda Roe Covering Mrs Pool's Maternity leave. Will then job share with Mrs Pool from March - July 2019  

Mrs Michelle Hall

Teacher Year 5/6 (Hawks)

Science and DT Subject Leader

Mrs Rebecca Atkinson

Special Education Needs and Disabilities Coordinator

Numeracy Subject Leader

Mrs Leanne Brereton

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Jan Beck

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Judy Humpherston

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Sue Smith

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Teresa Thurlby

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Hazel Agnew

Teaching Assistant


Miss Becky Barber

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Heidi Atkinson Teaching Assistant  
Mrs Debbie Simpson Teaching Assistant  

Lunch Time Staff

Mrs Tracey Willows

Midday Controller


Mrs Eve Townsend

Midday Supervisory Assistant


Miss Liz Thorpe

Midday Supervisory Assistant


Mrs Cath Wood

Midday Supervisory Assistant


Mrs Tina Beddall

Midday Supervisory Assistant


Mrs Sarah Basnett

Midday Supervisory Assistant -part time


Miss K Radford

Midday Supervisory Assistant - part time  

Breakfast Club

Mrs Debbie Simpson


Miss Liz Thorpe    
Mrs Janet Fawcett    

After School Club

Mrs Cath Wood, Miss Becky Barber & Miss Liz Thorpe






Mrs Heidi Atkinson




Mrs Jo-Ann Clegg



Mrs Cherryl Mawson