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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

Meet the School Council 2018-19



My name is Daisy and I love writing! I also love animals. I’m looking forward to being a Wagtail School Councillor this year.

I’m Riley and I’m a Wagtail School Councillor. I love playing on my X-Box and I like dinosaurs too. My favourite lesson at school is maths.



Hello, I’m Ryan and I’m in the Toucan Class. I love maths, PE and after school club.

Hello, my name is Alyssia and I really enjoy maths at school. I also love music.



My name is Thayne and I love all things to do with computers! I also enjoy going to YPF club. I’m a School Councillor for the Swan Class.

I’m Olivia and I love science, ‘Smiggle’ and unicorns. I love the book ‘Eat you Peas.’ I’m looking forward to being part of the School Council.



My name is James and I’m a School Councillor for the Penguin Class. I like drama, computer games and going to cubs.

I’m Iana and I really like maths, gymnastics and unicorns! My favourite book to read is ‘Ruby the Red Fairy’. I’m really pleased that I’m on the School Council this year.



My name is Charlie and I love trucks! My favourite lesson at school is art and I really like the book ‘The Worst Witch Strikes Again!’ I’m looking forward to being a councillor this year.

My name is Kacy and I’m a councillor for the Hawk Class. I love going to Girl Guides and I’m enjoying reading ‘Max’s Story’ at the moment.

Hi, I’m Ruby and I like music and independent writing. My favourite read is ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.’


School Council 2018-19, the story so far…

September meetings- Election of council, meet and greet sessions, discussions regarding purpose, role and responsibility of an active school council.

October meetings- Focus on attendance certificates. Council consulted with classes regarding current certificates to celebrate good attendance and how these could be improved. School Council members then continued to work with these ideas and create draft forms of new attendance certificates..

November meetings- The focus here was to discuss fundraising ideas. An early November meeting involved the decision to combine the anti-bullying campaign of ‘Choose Respect’ with Pudsey’s ‘Do Your Thing’. Councillors consulted classes regarding general fundraising ideas for school and these talks are currently ongoing.

Future projects…To get on an environmental mission to raise awareness about reducing the use of plastic. Consider how we use it in school, inform and make parents and carers more aware.


What did the 2017-18 Council Achieve in our School?

September meetings- Election of council, meet and greet sessions, discussions regarding purpose, role and responsibility of an active school council.

October meetings- Agreed on a School Council Contract and signed this. Discussed and identified the essential qualities of a councillor and the desirable ones.

Council discussed the new playground equipment and monitored its use. Councillors continued to monitor during lunch times and invited peers feedback. The overall opinion and impact was very positive in creating harmonious, fulfilled playtimes.

November meetings- Monitoring of playground equipment continued and a short report was given to the head teacher. Council decided that Year 6 monitors would be beneficial in helping to store equipment correctly. Council members set to work drawing up a Playground Equipment Monitor’s Rota.

December meetings- Anti-bullying week (to take place in Feb 2018) was discussed – Council worked collaboratively to think of exciting classroom activities to promote this theme. Lists of ideas were handed out to classes.

January meetings- Council reviewed pupil questionnaires and then amended questionnaires were completed by classes. Councillors then unpicked outcomes and data from these questionnaires and decided to consult certain classes to check their understanding of the questions and explain their thoughts further.

Our next step is to continue to focus on pupil questionnaires and outcomes, taking pupil voice forward.

March meetings- Pupil questionnaires continued. Councillors helped to correct any misunderstandings and challenged peers to explain their views about our school in terms of celebrating the things we do really well and making suggestions for improvements.

April meetings- Councillors decided to review playground equipment routines and use. After consulting with classes, they decided to have one class using the equipment per day, (Classes R to Penguins). A further decision was made regarding the small cohort of the Hawk Class being able to use it on any day as most of them were there anyway monitoring its use.

May meetings- Councillors discussed healthy snacks and energy boosting foods. They researched recipes and decided upon making a healthy version of a flapjack for the whole school to try on School Games Day. They drafted a letter to send to parents and carers making them aware of ingredients and potential allergies as well as the importance of healthy snacks.

June Meetings- Councillors became cooks and made a CBBC recipe called ‘Free-wheeling Fruit Fingers!’ These snacks were given to everyone during School Games Day in an effort to provide an energy boost from a non-sugary/low sugar snack.

July Meetings- School council reviewed current attendance awards and browsed catalogues, selecting new attendance reward stickers which are broken down into terms.