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Penguins  I See Maths. Has daily problem solving lessons for Year 3 - 6.  Carol Vorderman daily maths lessons from 4 to 11, also has activities and games.


The White Rose Maths Hub have prepared a series of maths lessons for years Reception to 6. Currently there are 5 lessons for each year group with 5 more planned to be added in the next few weeks. You can access these at There is a daily live lesson between 10-11am on the site.

Welcome to Penguins!



Mrs Pool  


Penguin Class

Welcome to the Penguin class. We are a class of year 4 and 5 children. Mrs Pool is the class teacher in Penguins. Mrs Beck is our teaching assistant and works with different children to support them with their learning.


Mrs Pool

I am in my eighth year of teaching and this is my seventh year at Billinghay CE Primary school. I enjoy teaching literacy in particular and have lots of fun using films and books to inspire learning in the classroom. I am ICT coordinator/E-safety leader in school and enjoy using IPads and computers to assist learning in fun and interesting ways. I have moved into year 4 and 5 this year after being the year 5 and 6 teacher last year and I’m looking forward to teaching a different year group.


The Curriculum

During the autumn term, our topics are: ‘What’s that commotion under the ocean?’ This is our science topic and ‘What have the Pilgrims got to do with Boston?’ This is our history and geography topic. We are going to be looking at what happens under the sea and all the different animals that live there. We’ll study food chains and think about ways we can protect our coral reefs. We’ll also be making lots of artwork linked to this topic. During the term, we will also study who the Pilgrims were, what happened to them, and how they came to be in Boston. We will also look at the story of thanksgiving and why this is an important occasion in America.


During the spring term, our topics are: ‘What do you know about the Ancient Egyptians?’ This is our history and geography topic. Our science topic is: ‘Can you become a forensic scientist?’ We will be studying the Ancient Egyptians and what their daily life was like as well as investigating the River Nile, Tutankhamun and the pyramids. In our science topic, we will be learning all about the job of a forensic scientist and the techniques they use to solve crimes.


During the summer term, our history and geography topic is: ‘What do you know about the Vikings?’ Our science topic is: ‘How do forces affect us?’ We will be studying the Vikings and the impact they had on our society today and learning all about how they lived. We will also be studying different kings and the laws and justice system. We will be learning the film ‘Brave’ to help us with this. In our science topic, we will be studying different forces and completing investigations to see how they work. We will also be learning about Sir Isaac Newton and the contribution he made to forces in science.