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Welcome to Swans!


Swans Class

Hello and Welcome to the Swans class. Our class is made up of year 3 and year 4 pupils. Mrs Smithson is the main class teacher, but the Swans are also taught by Mrs Atkinson on Wednesdays (when Mrs Smithson is carrying out work linked to her role as Assistant Headteacher). Mrs Thurlby assists us in our classroom work or sometimes take us out for group work. Mrs Simpson sometimes comes in to support children with their learning. We also have a class pet dragon, called Cedric, who likes to hang out in the reading den!


Mrs Smithson

I am the Assistant Head at Billinghay and I have been teaching for well over twenty years now, where has the time gone? Throughout my career I have taught a range of ages, as well as mentoring students and newly qualified teachers, and I can honestly say I still enjoy being in the classroom. My subject specialism is English (or Literacy as we now call it) and I enjoy sharing stories with children and developing their writing skills. One day a week I work with Mr Allen as a member of the Senior Leadership team.


The Curriculum

Our first topic is “What lies beneath our Feet?” This will involve some investigative science work as we find out about rocks and soils and also some geography work as we also take a look at volcanoes! We will make scotch eggs to understand how the Earth is in layers and make our own ‘fossil’ pots in art. A visit to the Magna museum is a possibility to enrich this trip, depending on costs. Next we will investigate “Who were the first people to live in Britain?” which will involve us being history detectives as we look at artefacts from the past and the clues they give us to the way people lived. During this term we will be making links with the community by collecting produce for Harvest and we also have a service of remembrance in November. We will also have a non-curriculum week where we are focusing on our health and well-being.


After Christmas we are searching for “The Iron Giant”, trying to use geographical skills to work out in the UK it is. When we find him we are going to explore how magnets can help us catch him and then for our DT project we will make magnetic games. Our other topic this term is “How can I make my shadow bigger?” Which will involve lots more science investigations including the use of light sensors.

In the summer term we will exploring how to make plants grow well with our topic on “How can we help farmers get a bumper field of crops?” and then finally we will look at Crime and punishment over time starting with the Magna Carta and take a trip to Lincoln Castle to explore this theme further.



Reading is very important to us and in the Swans we can earn a dojo each week if an adult has listened to us read twice at home. It is important that we bring our reading folder everyday so that we can read in school as well. Spellings are practiced in school but children also bring them home so they can do extra practice at home, new spellings are usually looked at on A Monday. Every Friday a piece of Literacy and a piece of maths homework is set and children are given a homework book to complete them in. Homework needs to be handed in by Thursday morning at the latest.

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Picture 6 Dragon nest found outside the classroom!